Separation /Divorce

What is the legal definition of Divorce?

A divorce is regarded as the legal and lawful separation or termination of a marital life with the presence and the mutual agreement of both the husband and the wife. The divorce can be put in place or decided by the married couples due to numerous minor and major reasons and is handled by the law attorneys of the respective parties. Divorce cases also address numerous other important matters integrating division of the property to the attainment of the child custody. Divorce in some parts of the world is still seen with the weird glances and the side eyes and is considered a taboo by the societies, the reason why certain women around the world decide to stay bound in an unhappy marriage despite the problems they need to deal with at every turn.

What are the reasons that Husbands and Wives Decide to Part Ways?

Solve Separation Divorce Problems by Astrology

No one decides to end his or her year’s long marriage just for the sake of it; the reasons are pretty strong and concrete for the couples to arrive at this major decision. Pandit Sai Shankar Ji who has handled the cases pertaining to the divorce and offered his impeccable astrology solutions takes into account the reason why couples end up disintegrating their marriage, some of which he has laid down below.

  • Misunderstanding when not sorted out properly leads to the couples breaking up their marriages
  • Miscommunication can be really crucial when not addressed to when the situation leading to the same happens.
  • Increased fights, quarrels, and arguments are also the major contributors that lead to couples ending their marriages.
  • Extramarital affairs and the partners cheating are few other reasons with which couples approach him that led the couples to the edge of divorce.
  • Physical abuse
  • Infertility

Why Divorce Happens According to Astrology?

Pandit Sai Shankar Ji approaches the subject of divorce and separation by carefully channelizing his teachings and knowledge of the field of Vedic astrology and devising solutions according to the dashas and grahs and their positions in the natal chart of the couples involved.
Sun/Surya, Mars/Mangal, Saturn/Sani and Rahu&Ketu are the planets that hold the qualities of separation and are the major contributors of divorce.
Pandit Sai Shankar Ji is well versed with the positioning of these planets and how they can affect the different aspects of our life and thus offers astrology remedies to rectify the situations.


How can you reach him?

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