Why People Feel Jealous Towards Someone?

Jealousy starts as a feeling and later on escalates into a full-blown revenge. Every human being is different and stands on different platforms in life according to their mental and psychical strength. Society can’t compare two people on the grounds of what they have achieved in life and what they have not. But, unfortunately, this is the distinction that the human race itself has been making and disturbing their own mental being and putting a dent on their precious self-esteem. When the self-esteem of a person is triggered, it is when they start seeing the person they have been compared to in a different light and from a different perspective. The feeling of envy takes place in their shallow minds and they set themselves on a mission to achieve everything they don’t yet have the privilege of.

Solve Jealous Issues by Astrology

What Jealousy can make people do?

Envy, greed, hatred, rivalry, competitiveness, and jealousy are the feelings that hold the minds of the affected in their strong clutches. These feelings trigger the neurological senses of a person and to satisfy this itch,people stoop down to levelsfar beyond one’s imagination. Though there are lots of mediums for a person to take revenge or to put down a person they are the most envious of, but a Jealousy curse is the best way to take what they want from a person without getting their hands dirty.

What is a jealousy curse?

As per astrology, jealousy curse is a spell which is casted on someone by another individual to be able to get what all they always wish to have. It is done with the sole and malefic intention of ruining and completely destructing the life of the person and to make him/her devoid of any joys in life. Jealousy curse is most prominent in the love relationships, especially the triangle, where the left out party tries to break apart the couple in order to have the person whom they love in their life not anyone else’s.

What are the effects of a jealousy curse?

A jealousy curse is one of the most tragic situations. It is a brutal punch to the face of a person on whom it is performed. A person has to bid farewell to the things for which he has been put under the spell with zero to marginal chances of those belongings to ever make a return in their life.

Who can remove a jealousy curse from your life?

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