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What is Love?

Love is a feeling that is extremely hard to define and all the more difficult to express. One cannot mix this pure and pious feeling of love with the lust or infatuation. It is far beyond these selfish and temporary feelings. Love cannot be undone. It stays in the heart of a person who has loved someone else forever. There is no way one can undo love or get rid of the feel of the love. Even if one gets separated from the person who he/she has loved, one cannot get free from the feeling and the essence, he/she merely learns to live with it.

Why people fall in love only to part ways again?

  • When people fall in love, they only get inclined towards the person and their overall personality. One can only get to know the reality of someone’s character once they start spending each moment of their lives together and start memorizing and recognizing the details of each other’s existence and from this is where the real test of the love begins.
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  • Love is a very complex feeling which has its own laws that both the parties need to adhere to, if not, they both have to face the consequences.
  • Love is a neurological condition that develops a feeling of affection in your brain and pulls you towards your significant other. When this pull lessens, the spark of a love relationship weakens.
  • Love is an unconditional promise and commitment that form a base for a relationship to stand a tall and concrete. When the individuals back down from their promised commitments, it is then the threads of a love relationship start getting severed.
  • Love as the time passes starts becoming more of a power struggle, when you start seeing the person you are with as who he/she really is and whether you both are compatible with each other or not.

Is love destined for everyone?

Every aspect of our life or the things we get or don’t get is the courtesy of the movement of stars and planets in our horoscope. Love is too bestowed upon someone if the stars and planets of your horoscope are in complete agreement.

The planets and houses that are related to love, marriage and physical relations,

Houses Planets
5th Venus
7th Mars
8th Moon
9th Saturn
12th Mercury

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