Evil Eye Protection

Is Evil Eye causing immense harm in your life?

We all are surrounded with infinite energies, some are positive in nature while some are negative and evil. These are the energies that keep us alive and fill us up with motivation, zest, and enthusiasm to live this materialistic and spiritual world. When these energies that surround us are maligned with the evil energies of someone who wants nothing but our unhappiness is what is termed as evil eye. The evil eye can disrupt your life and can negatively impact its different areas. Greed, enmity, rivalry, and jealousy are the emotions that trigger this response. To safeguard your life from evil eyes and to bring someone out from under the dark shadow of evil eyes, contact the experienced and top Vedic astrologer and evil spirits protection and removal specialist in New York.

Consult the Best & Top Evil Eyes Removal & Protection Expert in New York

Pandit Sai Shankar is a famous and world-renowned Vedic astrologer in New York who has time and again proved his credibility and trustworthiness by offering appropriate and extremely effective astrology solutions for nearly all problems of life. In this spiritual world, where positivity shines from every corner, negativity also reflects from hidden corners in the form of negative energies, evil spirits, evil eyes and black magic for which he delivers effective and best astrology remedies. He is recognized all over the world for his noted astrology remedies, yantras, and mantras for evil spirits protection.

Best Astrology Upays for Evil Eye Protection from Best Astrologer in New York

Evil eye or Buri Nazar can be a permanent hindrance or obstruction to your success, fame, and growth. It negatively impacts your subconscious mind which further hampers the careful growth of your personal, professional and social life. There is no specific time or place for someone to cast evil eye on you, it just happens in the blink of an eye and your entire life takes a downward spiral. Thus, in order to shield your life and your loved ones from the harmful effects of evil eyes, it is important to take help of the best astrology remedies from a reputed Indian astrologer and spiritualist in New York.

  • In the north-east corner of your home keep a bowl filled with river water mixed with sea salt. Fill the bowl with fresh water every day after draining the old water. Sea salt creates a positive aura that will keep negative energies away from your home.
  • You can remove the evil eye from someone by rotating 1 clear lemon anti-clockwise from the head of the affected person all the way to their feet and then back to their head. Throw this lemon where the 4 roads meet (chauraha).
  • If you are suspicious of certain people whom evil eyes must have affected your life, take a pinch of Fitkiri or Alum and rotate it anti-close wise from the head of the affected person all the way to their feet and then back to their head 7 times. After the 7th round, burn this pinch of Fitkiri in a mud pot with camphor.
  • “Billi Ki Jer” is said to be the most effective dispeller of negative energy and evil eyes. It is hard to find, but extremely powerful.

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